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Monday Meal Kits


1/6/17- This Monday’s Special

Chicken saltimbocca, (cutlets sauteed with prosciutto, sage, and lemon). Served with roasted baby red potatoes and green beans.


Veggie option: eggplant parmesan with roasted potatoes and green beans.


These are fully cooked meals, delivered refrigerated on Monday, ready to be reheated Monday through Thursday

Full reheating instructions included.

Must be ordered in multiples of 2 servings.

Monday Meal Kits


1/30/17 -This Monday’s special:

Kabobs with rice pilaf and chimmichurri sauce



Tofu and veggies-

Entrees need to be ordered in multiples of two

Entrees are delivered refrigerated, with complete (easy!) cooking/reheating instructions

Delivered on Monday, but you can save, refrigerated, for any day Monday through Thursday

Email us @ to place your order , and schedule delivery for Monday evening

Art and Appetizers

IMG_1881We will be serving appetizers at the May 9th Pop-Up Paint Party.

Bacon wrapped chicken bites with spicy mayo, chipotle salsa quesadillas, veggie salad rolls with lime cilantro dipping sauce, twice baked baby red potatoes, and chips ‘n ‘ dip with smoked salmon.

For info and reservations:

Wednesday pop-up delivery


You-bake lasagna

(photo is actually lasagna cupcakes from our catering menu, but you all know what lasagna looks like)

Each Wednesday this month, we will be delivering a different entrée. This week, your choice of traditional meat sauce lasagna, or roasted vegetable.
Lasagnas are fully prepped, and ready for you to bake in your oven; 30 – 40 minutes @ 350 degrees.
Lasagnas will keep in your refrigerator for up to 4 days, or in the freezer for 1 month.Comes in a disposable foil pan , 9×12″, easily serves 6.
 Order more than one to have whenever you like!
Call Chad @ 307-399-4046, or email to schedule a delivery time.

Dinner delivered this Tuesday! (1/7/2014)


Chimichurri Ribeye Skewers

This week we are serving chimichurri  ribeye skewers with pineapple, and a rice pilaf.

Vegetarian option is roasted vegetable and tofu skewers with chimichurri and rice pilaf.

Cooking  instructions will be provided. (ready in under 10 minutes!)

Call or email Chad anytime before 5 PM Monday to order, and choose a delivery time.