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Monday Meal Kits


1/30/17 -This Monday’s special:

Kabobs with rice pilaf and chimmichurri sauce



Tofu and veggies-

Entrees need to be ordered in multiples of two

Entrees are delivered refrigerated, with complete (easy!) cooking/reheating instructions

Delivered on Monday, but you can save, refrigerated, for any day Monday through Thursday

Email us @ to place your order , and schedule delivery for Monday evening

Wednesday night “pop-up” delivery


Each Wednesday this month, we will be delivering a different entrée. This week, tender chunks of ribeye, skewered with peppers, and served with chimichurri sauce and rice pilaf. Each entrée serves 4 people, family style. Served hot, ready to eat.

Vegetarian option will substitute mushrooms and tofu for ribeye.
Call Chad @ 307-399-4046, or email to schedule a delivery time.

Dinner delivered this Tuesday! (1/7/2014)


Chimichurri Ribeye Skewers

This week we are serving chimichurri  ribeye skewers with pineapple, and a rice pilaf.

Vegetarian option is roasted vegetable and tofu skewers with chimichurri and rice pilaf.

Cooking  instructions will be provided. (ready in under 10 minutes!)

Call or email Chad anytime before 5 PM Monday to order, and choose a delivery time.